Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting

Eryn Lynum is author of 936 Pennies: Discovering the Joy of Intentional Parenting

Bethany House Publishers, February 2018

Eryn loves to partner with ministry leaders and connect with parents. She is an experienced speaker and available to speak at conferences, retreats, churches, book clubs, and moms groups. She is also available for podcast, blog, magazine, and television interviews.

Eryn’s Speaking Topics and Fees

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Eryn is available to speak on the following topics

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Counting Time And Making Time Count

We have 936 weeks between the birth of our child and when they turn eighteen. How will we invest those weeks to their fullest potential?

8 Ways to Speak Life Over Your Child

Parenthood is messy–and hard. And yet one of the greatest ways we can invest in our child is also one of the easiest ways. Discover how the power of our words can build our children up and gift them with confidence and security for their entire life.

Escaping The Rut of Motherhood

After finding herself in the rut of motherhood, overwhelmed by the motanany that can oftentimes taint these precious days, Eryn discovered an idea in the book of Proverbs that completely changed her outlook and attitude about motherhood. In this presentation, Eryn walks fellow moms through creating their own Peace Plan, a simple list with the power to restore peace and joy to their days as a mom. 

Redeem 205 Weeks of Childhood

The average child spends 205 waking weeks in front of a digital device from birth until age eighteen. What if we were to begin redeeming that time for a beautiful purpose? In this presentation, Eryn focuses not on the guilt of screen time, but on equipiing parents with the confidence and practical ideas to begin redeeming childhoods, one hour at a time.

The One List That Could Change Your Family Forever

After writing a simple list of family values, Eryn and her husband completely changed the trajectory of their and their childrens’ lives. In this presentation, Eryn walks parents through how to pinpoint their values as a family, and live a life in tune with what matters most.

Does Your Child Have A Want Problem?

Children everywhere seem to want, want, want. But what if their desire for more is a holy desire? Discover the God-given desire within your child to know their Creator, and how to guide them along in that journey, and nurture a burning passion to always want more of their Savior. 

Speaking Fees

Fees are flexible depending on the event and circumstance, so please contact Eryn about your specific event, as she is happy to work within your budget when possible. Special accommodations can be made for MOPS and moms ministry gatherings.

1 Session: $400 + Travel and Accommodations


2 Sessions: $700 + Travel and Accommodations


3-4 Sessions (one-two night stay) : $1,100 + Travel and Accommodations