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Escape the default and live on purpose. Identify the values your family wants to live by, and how to make them a reality in your everyday life.

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I married my husband when I was nineteen, and he was twenty-four. We met at seventeen and twenty-two. He had traveled the world. I was barely out of high school. My lifted Jeep Wrangler caught his attention. We connected on Facebook. Two weeks into dating, I knew I'd marry him.

God is good… and it absolutely worked out! Twelve years later, we have three sons and a daughter, and a beautiful baby waiting to meet us in Heaven. We own three businesses while homeschooling our kiddos. In everything, we aim to work together as a team. “Work hard, work smart” is one of our family values, along with “do life together” and “always adventure outdoors.”

We call the Rocky Mountains of Colorado home. We hike, camp, fish, hunt, run, bike, flip houses, write books, and drink liberal amounts of coffee. Sometimes we even fit in some math. Books fill every spare corner of our home. We don't drive anywhere on Saturdays. Instead, we Sabbath, meaning “to stop and delight.” We take one full day every week to rest, read, be outside, and delight in this beautiful life God has given us.

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Have you ever felt the tension of time moving too fast? (And all the mamas said, “Mmmm-hmmmm.”)

We sense time slipping through our fingers yet feel helpless to slow it down. We’re not helpless.

We can slow time down, but first, we’re going to have to do a little bit of slowing down ourselves. This has been my journey. Come along with my family as we learn to refuse rush, create habits of rest, stretch time by spending it outdoors, and live with profound purpose and wild wonder!

My passion is to inspire and equip you to make the most of your family time, and utilize the rich resources in nature to teach your kids deep truths about God. Using my certification as a Master Naturalist alongside my degree in Biblical studies, we’ll step outside together and discover all the connections between God’s written Word, the Bible, and His natural revelation through creation! Who knew we could get to know God while playing outside with our kids?!

Me too.

Master Naturalist, Author, Bible Teacher, and Mama

I'm Eryn!

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We can discover God in two ways: through His written Word, the Bible, and His creative works in nature.

Romans 1:20 says, "For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, being understood by what has been made, so that they are without excuse."

Creation highlights the rich nature narrative strung throughout Scripture. The Bible tells us, and nature shows us, who God is and how He loves us.

This, I find, is the Christian's stance on naturalism: stewarding what God has made so more and more can be "without excuse," and discover the abiding love and tender care of our Creator.

Master Naturalist?

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Eryn Lynum

Certified Master Naturalist sharing the truth of God’s Word through the wonders of His creation.

Author & Speaker

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Mama & Wife

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Aldo Leopold & John Muir


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  • 5-step instructions

  • Plant recommendations

  • Corresponding Bible lesson: God Gives Us All We Need To Thrive Where We’re Planted

Learning to Thrive Where God Plants Us: A Nature + Bible Activity for children ages 4-12

Terrarium Planting Nature + Bible Activity

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Receive free inspirational resources for refusing rush, creating habits of rest, parenting with intentionality, and teaching our kids who God is through what He has made!



  • Look to the Hills: God Loves Us Forever

  • Look to the Skies: God Gives Us Everything We Need

  • Look to the Fields: God is Our Light and Life

  • Look to the Waters: God Has a Great Design for Our Lives

  • Look to the Seasons: God Grows Us Through Change

Five Lessons for Teaching Your Child Who God is and How He Loves Them

God of Wonders Devotional

  • Supplies List

  • 5-step instructions

  • Plant recommendations

  • Corresponding Bible lesson: God Gives Us All We Need To Thrive Where We’re Planted


Terrarium Planting Nature + Bible Activity

  • Identify values that matter to your family

  • Sort those values by priority

  • Examine your current lifestyle

  • Eliminate distractions

  • Map out small but essential shifts toward a value-driven life

  • Live a life of profound purpose together


A Guide To Identify and Live By Your Family Values