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Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

“The down-to-earth wisdom and practical suggestions you shared are sure to resonate with our audience, and I’m looking forward to sending this excellent program out over the airwaves.”

Stories compel us to action. Empathy meets us where we’re at and shows us where we can go. Inspiration paints a vision of what can be a reality. With these, Eryn Lynum convinces audiences across the nation that we don’t have to take the life society hands us by default. Instead, she equips families to map out and embark on the life they actually want.

Inspiring parents and educators to live with intention, explore with purpose, and pass on a resilient faith to the next generation.

Speaking & Media

Intentional Parenting: Making the most of the 936 weeks we have with our kids

Refusing rush and creating rhythms of rest in our homes

Equipping our kids with a resilient faith

Identifying and living by family values

Teaching our kids who God is through what He’s made

Creating a peace plan to live by

Teaching our kids to defend their faith: kid-friendly apologetics

Cultivating a wholesome education at home

Redeeming 205 weeks of our kids childhoods: breaking free from screen time habits and guilt

Entrepreneurship as a mom and in a family setting

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Eryn has written for eight Guideposts books as well as for organizations such as Focus on the Family, Proverbs31 Ministries, and MOPs International. She writes for a wide range of faith and non-faith audiences, communicating life lessons and truths through vivid imagery and engaging storytelling. 

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Eryn interviewing with Jim Daly and John Fuller at Focus on the Family

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Eryn has interviewed on podcasts and radio stations across the world. She is happy to discuss any topics in her Media Kit, or issues relevant to your audience.

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Eryn has shared with audiences including school groups, churches, book clubs, MOPs groups, Wild + Free groups, homeschool groups, parenting events, and outdoor education groups across the nation. Eryn can speak at both faith and non-faith based gatherings.

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