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Eating Out has always been a thread of weakness in our whole food way of life.

This year, we are facing that weakness head-on with these 5 Game-Changing Strategies to Eat Out Less!

Eat Out Less This Year! 5 Game-Changing Strategies


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Sometimes new seasons of life appear at your doorway like an unannounced and unexpected visitor. Sometimes they’re welcome, sometimes they’re not. Either way, there is a way to find the grace in those seasons.

Where to Find Grace in the Unexpected Seasons of Life


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I had seen his face before. His little eyebrows furrowed in concern, his coffee brown eyes flashed a sudden panic. He was a stranger, but I knew that look far too well.

The Importance of Teaching Your Child to Talk To Strangers


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Into The Whole Food Kitchen Of The Marshall Family This week I have the privilege of sharing with you the story of a “well seasoned” whole food family! On Monday, we met the Marshall family, and learned just what Chuck and Becky grew up eating, and why they decided to revolutionize their diet as they […]

Into A Whole Food Kitchen – The Marshall Family, Part 2 of 3

Real Food

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Life Is A Whirlwind Last Saturday Gray and I ventured out to downtown Milwaukee to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (without the kids, yeah!). Our date began at one of our favorite brunch spots, Cafe Benelux, and ended at the Milwaukee Public Market, sitting together at a quaint little table with some coffee (to help us […]

Fending Off Convenience Foods When Life Gets Hectic – A Couple Of Our “Go-To” Whole Food Recipes

Time Management

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How To Eat Out The Wholesome Way – Dining At Locally-Sourced Restaurants I was recently asked by a friend for suggestions on where she could eat out while still remaining true to her whole food diet. This got me thinking about how to eat out the wholesome way. Gray and I believe in moderation. Since […]

Eating Out The Whole Food Way

Real Food

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Raising kids stirs something deep in our souls — an innate knowing that our time is finite. Taking my kids outside in creation, I’m discovering how to stretch our time and pack it to the brim with meaning. God’s creativity provides the riches of resources for teaching the next generation who He is and how He loves us. Join our adventure and discover inspiration and resources for refusing rush, creating habits of rest, living intentionally, and making the most of this beautiful life!

I'm Eryn, Master Naturalist, Author, & Bible Teacher

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