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We devoted one month to eating a diet free of any gluten or sugars. Here is exactly what it looked like! {Video Blog}

What 1 Month Of Gluten & Sugar Free Really Looks Like!


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My mom has always called it the “Elmer’s Glue Feeling”; When you’re exhausted and feel like you’re moving as slow as glue.
Here’s one way we are fighting back against Elmer, and the “afternoon energy slump”!

For When You Get That “Elmer’s Glue Feeling” {How to Beat The Afternoon Energy Slump}

Real Food

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I roll the dough—small slightly-sticky balls between the palms of my hands—circle upon circle until a pristine orb results. I lay it gently in the bowl of crystals, roll again, coat complete, and place it in its designated spot on the sheet.

They are uniform, shiny, articulate, pristine, put-together—everything I at the moment am not.

“If Only I Was As Great As My Blog Readers Think I Am” – The Veiled New Face Of People Pleasing


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I’ve struggled this year with feeling like the snobby organic mom who won’t let her kids eat what the other kids are eating. We had to bring our own ice cream and toppings to the homeschool ice cream party. Through that I had to remember to focus on the question, what are we gaining here?

{One Year Later!} A Step Back into The Marshall Kitchen – Part 2

Time Management

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Last year I embarked on an adventure into the kitchens of 3 families who are taking on a whole food diet. Well, it’s a year later and I thought it might be time to revisit these families and see what has changed, adapted, and transformed over the past year.

{One Year Later!} A Step Back into The Marshall Kitchen – Part 1

Traditional Diet

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Is Gluten-Free synonymous with a whole food diet? This is the question I have sought to answer over the past two years. Today I share with you the 3 ways my family enjoys gluten within our whole food diet, so you too can find your “Happy Gluten Spot”!

Finding Your “Happy Gluten Spot” – 3 Ways to Include Gluten in a Whole Food Diet {With Recipes!}

Traditional Diet

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I avoided the Gluten Free Craze like I avoid every other extreme diet.

But with the bandwagon filling up fast, I knew it was time to dive in and learn what I could about the Gluten Free Craze–and then to finally experiment myself with a gluten free diet.

What’s All the Fuss about Gluten Free? {Guest Post for Dandelion Discoveries}

Real Food

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Raising kids stirs something deep in our souls — an innate knowing that our time is finite. Taking my kids outside in creation, I’m discovering how to stretch our time and pack it to the brim with meaning. God’s creativity provides the riches of resources for teaching the next generation who He is and how He loves us. Join our adventure and discover inspiration and resources for refusing rush, creating habits of rest, living intentionally, and making the most of this beautiful life!

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