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The other day my kitchen transformed into a truffle shop. While the camera did its job to capture the rich, shiny, luscious dark chocolate melting on my stove top, it also did its other job of hiding the surrounding mess. What the camera catches represents only a tiny morsel of what goes on in my kitchen.

An Invitation Into My Kitchen – The Messy Side of Whole Foods

Real Food

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Connecting Our Kids to the Roots of What We Eat I believe that it is very important to involve children in the how, what, and why of the foods we eat. I desire to connect my children to the roots of the foods they enjoy eating. I hope to do this by involving them in […]

Growing Our Kids To Love Real Food – Quick and Easy Strawberry and Rhubarb Syrup Recipe


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Waking up Right A Couple of weeks ago, we were headed downtown to meet some friends for coffee. Two minutes into our 20-minute drive, Grayson flipped on the turning signal and began to turn the car for Starbucks. I gave him a silly look, “You know we’re going to Alterra for coffee, right?” He sighed, […]

5-Minute Super Simple Baked Oatmeal – And The Benefits Of Eating Flax Seeds and Omega-3 Rich Foods

Seasonal Eating

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Learning to Eat Real Food is a Process Full of Adjustments When we set out a year ago on this food adventure, I was very unfamiliar with how to eat real food, and so we made it our mission to learn. Learning is a process however, and as we learned we made adjustments. I came […]

Traditional Fats Play a Vital Part in a Wholesome Diet – A Look at Real Butter and Whole Milk

Real Food

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Recently I was given a great opportunity to become a regular contributor on and this week I had the privilege of writing a blog post on using natural, unrefined sugars in desserts and snacks (includes a delicious recipe for Cinnamon Apple, Pear, and Almond Crumble). Sugar is such a prevalent part of our food […]

Celebrate Natural Sugars with this Recipe for Cinnamon Apple, Pear, and Almond Crumble!


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I realize that some people may classify us as health nuts. Urban dictionary had some interesting definitions of the term. “A health nut is a person who is obsessed about his/her health.” and “He who LOVES veggie dogs”. Neither of these definitions remotely begins to describe how we feel about or approach our health. Obsessed? […]

How Sweet it is to Eat Real Food

Real Food

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Raising kids stirs something deep in our souls — an innate knowing that our time is finite. Taking my kids outside in creation, I’m discovering how to stretch our time and pack it to the brim with meaning. God’s creativity provides the riches of resources for teaching the next generation who He is and how He loves us. Join our adventure and discover inspiration and resources for refusing rush, creating habits of rest, living intentionally, and making the most of this beautiful life!

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