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The garden reminds me to be still. To feel.
It is there that my mind is cleared of the fog and chaos that builds up from too many hours spent staring at a screen. With my hands in the soil, my elbows brushing bean pods as I yank green weeds from around the pepper plants I learn to feel, so that I can think again.

{Le Navet – A Garden Photo Journal} Part 3 – Unearthing Life’s Balance from the Soil

Time Management

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The kitchen teaches me patience, and preserving food is a lesson in delayed gratification. And when my boys watch me milling about–sometimes with my hair tossed in a messy pony tail and still in my pajamas–pacing from the counter to the fridge to the garden to the trash can to the table and back to the counter working on countless food projects at once–they see something beyond the mess.

Canning for Culture and Freezing for Fellowship {Preserving the Fresh Farmers’ Market Flavors}


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Each morning I wake groggily and find my way to the kitchen. I pour a steaming cup of coffee and head out to the garden. Slowly I make my way around mounds of soil and baby plants to see the growth that took place over night. They are always growing. New sprouts– where nothing was yesterday, today there is green life, new leaves, and finally–first fruits.

{Le Navet – A Garden Photo Journal} Part 2 – Charlie Creeps at Sunset


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“For better and for worse, children learn from our example. If we believe that outdoor work is beneath us, they will too. If we see it as a time to be with God while enjoying sunshine and fresh air, they will to…In order to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch God’s creation, we need to work alongside Him.”

{Le Navet – A Garden Photo Journal} Part 1 – Breaking Ground and Taking Root


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Raising kids stirs something deep in our souls — an innate knowing that our time is finite. Taking my kids outside in creation, I’m discovering how to stretch our time and pack it to the brim with meaning. God’s creativity provides the riches of resources for teaching the next generation who He is and how He loves us. Join our adventure and discover inspiration and resources for refusing rush, creating habits of rest, living intentionally, and making the most of this beautiful life!

I'm Eryn, Master Naturalist, Author, & Bible Teacher

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