A Few Things I Have Learned About Traveling With Kids – And Our Visit To The Kansas City Farmer’s Market

August 8, 2013

  1. Arlene says:

    Eryn, I know you have heard this story dozens of times, about what saved your parents sanity as we traveled around the country with you, your brother and sister for several years. We had two to four road trips a months for several years and quickly learned one child (not your or or brother) repeatedly asked ‘how long until we get there?’ During one trip, as the question was asked for what we knew would be the first of many times, dad pulled over to the side of the road and his answer was ‘Five minutes longer than if you had not asked.’ I am not certain that question was never asked again, but it certainly was not asked for quite a few trips after that and never became a repetitious mantra again. 🙂

    On a serious note, we were always thankful you three kids were avid readers, and our first stop on trips, or right before was always a bookstore.

    • erynlynum says:

      I was just telling Grayson the other day how I really appreciate that many of my fond memories growing up were not associated with toy stores (I hardly remember going to them), but rather bookstores and the library. I told him how much I loved that you guys made books a priority in the budget, taking us often to Barnes and Noble and telling us we could each pick out 3 books!

  2. Lori Becker says:

    I think that you did a great job Eryn! Infrequent toys lots of snacks and regular stops to RUN! Out of all the travels that we have done with kids, not having satisfactory abundance of snacks was the hardest. Having a map with premarket destinations well help you as your boys get older, for that all to familiar question “Are we there yet?” Response “I don’t know let see where we are on the map!”

    Gods blessing to you and your Family I think you all will love Kansas City

  3. Alan says:

    Our version of “Tip #8” taken on all our family road trips when you guys were little…

    Rock cakes, pepperoni rolls, and frozen bread dough rolls with bologna!
    Yep, wholesome!

    Great blog entry, enjoyed getting to ‘ride along’ through your writing and pictures.
    Sorry no leads on a job or house, know that we are praying!

  4. We can’t survive long road-trips without the portable DVD player! It keeps our toddler occupied for hours even when we’ve already been driving all day long. When I was a kid (older than toddler age) my brother and I loved playing games together in the car and keeping track of all the different state license plates we saw. Competition kept us busy. 🙂

    • erynlynum says:

      Hahah yes, the entry was getting lengthy, otherwise I would have included that we did indeed bring the portable DVD player. Connie lent us some Baby Einsteins so that Zeke had some new material to keep him entertained. Definitely a great save!

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