{A Whole Food How To} Make a Simple Crust for Pastry, Sweet Pies, Pot Pies, and Quiche!

March 17, 2014

  1. Liesl says:

    I have to say I am a little disappointed in this post, and I don’t agree.
    White flour is not a whole food and has no positive nutritional value it’s a filler.

    Also, your comparision with your homemade ice cream does not make sense. I see that your ice cream is made with “whole food” ingredients that are healthy and loaded with nutritional value. Does that make it any less of an indulgence, no, but you are still indulging in a more indulgent “whole food.”
    The white flour…it’s a no brainer. White flour in a whole foods pantry is a compromise. It shouldn’t be there.

    And as Nancy from Nourishing Traditions says…she “allows” it, for pie crust. Which indicates it wouldn’t normally be “allowed.” That tells me she would say it is NOT a whole food.

    I promise I’m not being a hater, I know everyone has their own convictions about healthy eating and what works for their family. And for me, white flour is one of the biggest things people can’t let go of when trying to transition to a healthier lifestyle. They just have to have those certain foods that they always have eaten. Eating healthy means change not just in the ingredients we use, but in the meals that we eat. And for my family, it means no compromise, and no white flour. Just my thoughts.

    Also, there are other options out there for a whole foods pie crust option. Almond flour crusts are delicious!

    I hope you haven’t taken this comment personally, I just wanted to spark some conversation. It’s not hate mail, I promise. I went to BI with your husband, and know him well. I enjoy reading your blog, and will continue to do so.

    • erynlynum says:

      Thank you Leisl! Those are great points and I really appreciate the helpful feedback. I agree whole heartily that everyone has their own convictions about healthy eating. I also whole heartily agree that white flour is indeed a filler, and there is no nutritional value, not even in the organic version. It is still highly processed and void of nutrients.

      I believe I did not communicate clearly enough in the blog if it came across as trying to explain that white flour was a whole food. Rather, I was trying to point out that instead of trying to make it healthy, we choose to make it a compromise ingredient for pastry and pie crusts. We follow a loose 80/20 rule; meaning if we eat whole foods 80% of the time, then we can “splurge” with the other 20%. This fits our lifestyle because we simply love all different foods, and trying everything we can, even if it may not be considered whole.

      All that to say, what I really hoped to communicate is that although white flour is not a whole food, we choose to use it in a very small area of our cooking, for pastry and pie crusts, because we enjoy it and find it worth the small compromise in our whole food values. I really appreciate the suggestion of almond flour for crusts, I will have to try that! Besides with white flour, I have only tried whole wheat for pastry crusts, and that was a big flop! I would definitely be willing to try others, and if you have a recipe I would appreciate it! Thank you again, I always appreciate any feedback that will help me think deeper about the issues I’m writing about!

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