Can my prayer reach his suffering?

October 18, 2018

  1. Kathy says:

    Yes! Great reminder… prayer for him is better than anything! Wow! I have some growing to do!

    • Thanks Kathy. It is so easy to forget, isn’t it? I need the reminder too. It’s so easy for me to be looking inward when things are tough. I appreciate your comment.

  2. Jennifer Muller says:

    “Sadness and uncertainty left us like two drowning people unable to break surface, trying to hold each other, but pulling one another deeper. In my own quest for survival, I forgot his.”

    This cuts deep. My husband and I experienced this through his short time with cancer.

    Teammates became opponents in a struggle to keep our heads above water. My every breath was for him and his good, yet at the same time it was about my own survival.

    I only recognized it when the Holy Spirit revealed it to me. Thank God he was on time. He granted me time to make things right before welcoming my husband home.

    You share solid biblical advice here from a place of understanding. May those who have opportunity receive it.

    • Jennifer Muller says:

      I found this blog post via a roundup post from Tim Challies.

      • Thank you Jennifer. Interesting to read this after coming home from the hospital. My husband had surgery for cancer on the day I read your comment. It was a blessing to me to ready your response. Thank you.

        • Jennifer Muller says:

          That’s our Jesus. He is so faithful. Praying today for you both.

          If I may… this cancer has invaded your home and disrupted both of your lives and sense of well being.

          The thing I lost sight of was that as much as it was happening to US, it was mostly happening to HIM. He was the target. He took the direct hits. I suffered collateral damage, but I managed to make it about me. Don’t do that. 😉

          Good news! We have a God who heals. He redeems and restores all things.

  3. Martha Hidalgo says:

    How beautiful – every married woman should apply this – actually this should be part of pre-marital counseling for you engaged women.
    Thank you for this post.

  4. Thank you Martha. I appreciate your words and response. I find it far too easy to forget the importance of praying for my husband. The best gift I can give my children is a strong marriage. Writing this out was a good reminder to myself!

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