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I have been on this pursuit of a balanced life for years now. Is it really possible when the circumstances of life tip from one side to the next so constantly?

What Life On The Road Has Taught Me About Balance In Life. And That There Is None.


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It felt ruthless. Anything but caring, tender, or nurturing. It felt like taking life rather than giving it. But this is where my five minutes of research and a YouTube video had landed me.

Will We Trust Him When Life’s Pain Does Not Make Sense?

Life Seasons

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Maybe you are looking for that kind of evidence today, that “Go ahead, it’s time”. Maybe you have been waiting a long while for it.

Six Important Questions About That Dream On Your Heart


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The most daunting resistance that you are facing right now—it might just be your biggest opportunity to move forward today. It might be your next greatest step.

How Will You Show Up Today?


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Our words hold the power to transform our children’s’ lives. Here are 7 simple phrases you can say to be a fountain of life to your child. Try them this week, and watch as it transforms their hearts– and your own.

7 Phrases That Will Change Your Child’s Life


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Thankful can be a tricky thing to chase down.

But something holy transpires within us when we turn from thinking of thanksgiving as a response, and instead see it as command. Something we were created for.

Why We Can All Have A No-Excuse Thanksgiving


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Just as He summoned Adam, fresh from the dust of the earth and the breath of God’s lungs, to sit and rest with Him in Eden, He is calling us to the same.

A Shady Spot In Eden With Your Name On It


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Raising kids stirs something deep in our souls — an innate knowing that our time is finite. Taking my kids outside in creation, I’m discovering how to stretch our time and pack it to the brim with meaning. God’s creativity provides the riches of resources for teaching the next generation who He is and how He loves us. Join our adventure and discover inspiration and resources for refusing rush, creating habits of rest, living intentionally, and making the most of this beautiful life!

I'm Eryn, Master Naturalist, Author, & Bible Teacher

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