Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

March 30, 2013

  1. Tamara says:

    I can echo the money/time struggle when eating healthy. Something that’s helped me a ton with both has been weekly meal planning and limiting my trips to the store. I decided a while back I was going to make ONE trip to the store (each individual one when I need stuff at different ones) a week, on the same day. I’ve been shocked how much it’s cut down our grocery bills. It seems like every time I go to the store I spend about the same amount, even if I’ve already been that week–it’s just too easy to buy whatever looks good or is on sale, or forget what I already have. And limiting myself to one grocery trip makes me be more careful about using what we have, rather than getting ingredients for another recipe. The one trip rule can make produce harder, but most stuff will keep for a week.

    Now, we’re certainly not as healthy as I want to be in this area, and I’m having to get back on the wagon after the months of morning sickness (loved your post about that, BTW!), but every little step helps!

    • erynlynum says:

      Thanks Tamara! I tried limiting myself on trips to the grocery store, too. However, I failed ;P I still manage to go every couple of days. I agree that less trips results in less money spent, and vice versa (especially when pregnant!). So far, though, as I’ve challenged myself to hold strictly to our budget the past two weeks, we haven’t overspent, even with numerous market stops. Although, we are almost out of fruit in the house (2 pears and 3 bananas left…diminishing quickly into my toddler’s tummy), and don’t get to “replenish” the grocery fun until Monday….So we’ll see if we make it 😉

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