The Sacred Job of “Come and See”

December 7, 2017

  1. Alan Fiebig says:

    This post is about one of the most important parenting lessons to learn, and you eloquently explained it. Loved the post.

    When you first began a family, you asked mom and I to compile a list of important lessons we learned raising you and your brother and sister. I just went back and reread that list, as this post struck a cord. This was what I found that it had reminded me of. I think your post speaks to the same lesson we had learned and tried to put into practice:

    “Support your children. Whatever they are interested in, you be interested in too. If an idea of theirs is far fetched, implausible, outlandish etc., let them discover that for themselves. If its not dangerous, then support their interest, be excited for them, and give them as many resources as you can towards it.”

    • Amanda Wells says:

      I love this post and this advice to support your kids in their interests. ???? Thank you for sharing your beautiful, encouraging words, Eryn!

    • Eryn Lynum says:

      I think about that list often too 🙂 And still appreciate it and your insights, and how you put those insights into play in our own upbringing 🙂

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