Why we can’t afford to not take our kids on trips – and 5 ways we make it affordable

July 24, 2019

  1. Debra says:

    Thanks for sharing this! I couldn’t agree more about spending time with the kids. Last year we did a big tour of the north-east part of the US and tried to camp most of the time, but it was a bit hectic. I like these ideas a lot and I think this will help us to have some frugal vacations. 😀

    • Eryn Lynum says:

      Thank you, Debra! Yes, there are certainly hectic moments when traveling with kids 😉 We had plenty of those on the two-month road trip we did to the Pacific Northwest with three-going-on-four kids, but it was SO worth it! The Northeast is another area we want to explore. I’m glad these ideas could inspire you, thanks for reading!

  2. Donna says:


    What wonderful memories you and Grayson are making with your children!

    Reminds me so much of the tent camping across the USA and Canada we did when our boys were little.

    Enjoy every moment!

    • Eryn Lynum says:

      Thank you, Donna! I’m glad this could bring up some sweet memories of your own. That sounds like so much fun! Exploring Canada is high on our “next adventures” list!

  3. Kendall says:

    This is so helpful! We have 4 daughters and have found it to be very expensive to travel. What city or town did you stay in?

  4. Staci says:

    We just did a similar trip with our three kids. While the Sand Dunes were a bust for us becuase of the mosquitoes, we enjoyed the state’s other national parks just last week on a similar budget. They have so much fun on these trips they dont realize how much they are learning! We didnt always have a kitchen, but did take a cooler and had lots of picnics, which saved a ton of money. It’s all worth it when my 4-year- old looks at me and says she will remember the day forever.

    • Eryn Lynum says:

      Awwww! Yes! And they do, it’s incredible. Our boys remember vivid details from a road trip we took when they were 6, 4, and 2 (even the youngest remembers!) They hold on to those precious experiences. Yes, the bugs were bad at the Dunes! We were warned by friends, and I was nervous, but thankfully the day we were there they were only in the woods, not by the water. I hope you can go back one day when the bugs aren’t being a bother!

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